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St. Barnabas Classical Academy is conducting a study to determine potential interest in expanding our program to offer Middle and Lower Schools in addition to the current Upper School. We are excited to see whether there is an interest in a full K-12 Catholic and classical education!

Your response will help us make important decisions in planning for the future of Catholic and classical education in Omaha. Individual responses will be completely confidential. Please respond to the survey whether or not you plan to enroll your children.  Respond no later than Friday, December 7, 2018. Thank you for your support and participation!

A few important features you should know about our school:


St. Barnabas Classical Academy is a Catholic parochial school in Omaha, Nebraska providing students with an education in the classical liberal arts. We offer a school culture enriched by the devotion of families to the intellectual and moral formation of their youngest members.

Our faculty, working with parents and continually drawing on the wellspring of faith and reason, seek not only to equip our students with the knowledge needed to excel in life, but to nourish our students with the love of wisdom and virtue needed to live well. Our mission is to educate the whole person in all things good, true, and beautiful, in order that they may be led out of themselves to their noble end, namely, to glorify God in all things.


The Catholic identity of the Middle and Lower Schools will be the same as that of the current Upper School, namely, strong and visible throughout all aspects of the school’s life. Daily Mass, individual and communal prayer, emphasis on vocational discernment, works of mercy, and required courses each year in Catholic theology are the building blocks of our school’s identity. The Middle and Lower Schools, like the Upper School, will provide a superior and rigorous education faithful to the teachings of the Catholic church in all aspects of the educational process. The goal is to develop the spiritual and intellectual potential of each student and form them in a sacramental worldview through mind, body, and spirit. Students will be encouraged and supported in their development into integral Catholic leaders in our world today.


Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is yet to be determined, but will be in the range (likely more modest) of other Catholic schools in the surrounding Omaha area. A family’s ability to pay should not deter them from seeking admission. Multiple student discounts and St. Barnabas parishioner discounts will be available. Additionally, financial assistance will be available for families. Eventually there will be an established endowment and financial assistance program so that all families, despite financial need, can attend if desired.


For a broad introduction to our K-12 curriculum, click here. This curriculum may be adjusted.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful response to all the survey questions.