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Classical Catholic Education

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The 8th Grade Placement Exam will be offered at 8:00 AM on

Saturday, January 22, 2022

at St. Barnabas Classical Academy.  For questions, please contact Maris Bentley at 402-205-5341 or by email at

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Classical education exposes young people to the best of Western Civilization founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and practices, as they study theology, philosophy, literature, history, Latin, math, science, and the fine arts.

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Veritas et Virtus Vincunt

Truth and Virtue Conquer

TEACHING and learning at Saint Barnabas Classical Academy are rooted in the Catholic intellectual and moral traditions and in the patterns of the seven liberal arts of the Trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric) and Quadrivium (mathematics, geometry, music, astronomy/natural science). Students follow a highly integrated curriculum which focuses on a specific historical period for each class year and pervasively orients them toward the cardinal and theological virtues. Subjects such as Latin, music, and theology are part of every student’s academic and personal formation, as are drawing and physical education. Instruction is both mimetic and Socratic, with an emphasis on the primary sources and original writings rather than summaries or textbooks. Our academic goal is to assist families in equipping their children with the type of education that gave rise to the best aspects of Western Civilization.

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